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Sterilization is defined as the final result of several operations or treatments, by which destruction or elimination of all live microorganisms, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and bacterial spores, was performed. A sterile object or a substance do not contain any live microorganism.

In dental center Mon dentiste à moi, our team is dedicated to taking all precautions and necessary preventive measures in order to protect all our patients and staff from infections at all time. We apply strict procedures of infection control and sterilization recommended by the Order of Dentists of Quebec (ODQ)

We are using efficient and reliable sterilizators so that you remain well protected from infections and possible risks of infection transmission. Operatory rooms and all exposed surfaces are disinfected after each patient.

In addition, we hire an independent microbiological laboratory for monthly verification of all our sterilizators and final confirmation of their proper function.


Dental center Mon dentiste à moi offers possibilities of financing your dental treatments through our financial partnership accord.


            Our prices are based on the quality of the treatments you will receive as well as the customer service. Our rates are based on the guide from the Association of Dentists of Québec of the current year.



We would like to remind you that the insurance coverage varies according to the agreement signed between the insurance company and your employer. Also, be aware that your coverage may not be based on the current year’s fee guide. It is illegal to overcharge your insurance or not claim the difference. It is therefore your responsibility to inquire about your coverage as well as the maximum amount allocated per year. 


Politique de paiement

                 You are responsible for the costs incurred by your treatments. All care should be adjusted at the end of treatment. We accept cash and major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Interac). Personal checks are refused. Funding may be available for treatments over $ 3,000.


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