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For any emergency outside our normal business hours, please contact the montreal general hospital 

What are the emergency cases:

Knocked out tooth

  • Try to find the tooth
  • If the tooth is soiled, it should be gently rinsed under the running water. Avoid rubbing the root
  • Replace it carefully in the socket and apply an ice pack on the region
  • If it is not possible to replace the tooth into its socket, it should be preserved in cold water, cold milk or in the mouth
  • Make the emergency appointment at the dental clinic

Broken tooth

  • Gently clean the injured area with the lukewarm water
  • Apply an ice pack over the injured area, wrapped in a clean cloth to avoid frostbite of the skin
  • Make the emergency appointment at the dental clinic

Bitten lip or tongue

  • If there is bleeding, press down the part of the mouth that is bleeding with a clean cloth or a towel
  • If the lip is swollen, use an ice pack to keep the swelling down
  • If the bleeding does not stop, call the dentist or go to the CLSC

Swelling and gingival abscess

  • Riince the mouth with salted lukewarm water four times per day
  • Apply lukewarm packs over the swelling
  • Call your dentist as soon as possible

An object stuck between teeth

  • If something was stuck between your teeth, very gently try using dental floss
  • Do not poke with a pin or other sharp object in order to push the remaining particle out
  • If you cannot get the object out by flossing or brushing with your toothbrush, please call us and we will see you as soon as possible

Injuries caused by orthodontic devices

  • If an orthodontic device or its part (bracket) is hurting the soft tissues of the mouth, put a piece of wax on the sharp end
  • Call your dentist or orthodontist for an appointment
  • 450-692-7730


  • Beaucoup de patience avec mon fils différent.Merci

    Louise Bertrand

  • Merci Dr Langroudi de m’avoir redonné le goût de sourire. Un gros merci


  • Bel environnement!Pour une 1e visite, accueil chaleureux.

    M. Autar

  • To much patience, grate! Thank you for a better experience to my son !

    Lopes family

  • Magnifique travail avec mes dents! Merci!

    Olivia Platek

  • Merci ! Dr Langroudi pour mes dents et mon joli sourire, j’ai le meilleur dentist du monde.


  • You have the most beautiful offices + such lovely staff. Thank you so much

    Shirf for Betty Bombey

  • Merci de rendre cette expérience agréable pour mes enfants. Vous êtes une gagne vraiment génial.

    Isabelle S.

  • Merci de m’avoir redonné le sourire de mes 20 ans.

    Mme Archambault

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